Honeymoon in Italy - Suggestion please


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Ok People,

I would love some help please.

My wife and I are flying into Rome Wednesday 23rd October and Departing Venice Saturday 2nd November.

Can someone can give us a really special plan for our honeymoon considering we want to see Rome / Tuscancy / Pisa / Florence

Really, I have no clue cause I am soo wrapped up in the wedding planning

Many thanks



The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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23-2 - 10 nights

Ciao John,

Congrats on the upcoming wedding!!

You have 10 nights in Italy total - are you willing to drive a little in Italy? Tuscany is best seen with a car, while the main cities are better without one.

This is how you could divide your days up:
Oct 23 - 26: Rome
Oct 26 - 31st: 6 days in Tuscany! you can either rent a car in Rome and drive up, and see Tuscany as you move north, ending in Florence where you can return the car and then take the train to Venice.
... or from Rome, take train to Florence, stay in Florence for a few days and then rent the car to see Tuscany.

Either way, whatever you decide will influence the order in which you see things, not what you should see which are:
Florence - at least 2 days here
Pisa and Lucca - can be done on the same day
San Gimignano - 1 day, can be combined with a day driving through Chianti
Siena - 1 full day
Val d'Orcia - 1 full day dedicated to Montepulciano, Pienza, San Quirico d'Orcia

Nov 1-2: Venice (remember the 1st is a holiday in Italy, All Saint's Day)

Of course, if you choose to rent a car in Rome and drive up, I'd suggest to see the Val d'Orcia first and then choose a central place to stay in for the rest of the time in Tuscany, doing day trips from that one base rather than moving to a different hotel/B&B every night. You can also do that while visiting Florence, just dropping off the car when you're ready to leave to Venice (mmmm, wonder if the rental places will be open on the 1st now though...)

If you rent out of Florence, I'd suggest staying in Florence first for 2 days, then moving out into the countryside for the other days to use that as a base.

So what do you think? Even if wrapped up in the wedding, do take a few hours today to see which plan sounds better with you both ;-)

Let me know, that way I can help you define the days better! and give you suggestions of where to stay.... I'm thinking cozy, romantic places for sure!