Honeymoon itinerary - please advise!


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Good afternoon,

Me and my future husband decided to choose Tuscany for our honeymoon this year.
So we will be there from 9th june until 16th june. We will arrive at Florence airport and we've already blocked accomodation as follows:
- 6 nights in Radda in Chianti (i thought it's a good idea to be somewhere in the middle of Tuscany)
- 1 night in Florence near Santa Maria Novella train station (as the return flight is from Florence)
We want to rent also a car for the period 9th until 15th june, so we can visit as many places as we can :)

We've been only in Florence (2 times) and Cinque Terre (1 time) until now and we loved the city. That's why we've chosen Tuscany for our honeymoon.

I would really appreciate some advices regarding:
- car rental
- itinerary for the 7 days in Tuscany (we want to visit some special places).

Thank you and i'm waiting for your answer.


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Ciao Diana and congrats on the upcoming wedding!

Tuscany is definitely a great choice for honeymoon, glad to hear you're both coming back :)

Just to get you started, have you already read our tips about car rental in Florence here?
Since you're arriving in Florence's airport, it will make more sense to rent directly from there, returning that car there as well as you return to Florence. Even if it means taking a taxi to your hotel and back the next day.... you can always ask whether you can return at a downtown location, to see if there is an added fee or not.

Have you looked at our 7 day suggested itinerary in Tuscany? Since you've been here in the past, you can use it just as a starting point since I think you'll want to take the time to explore each area with more time. I highly recommend Siena and Arezzo ;-)