Honeymoon/Tuscany info-?


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Its always been my dream to visit Tuscany, and one of my favorite movies is Under the Tuscan Sun...

I'm getting married december of 2013, and we are considering taking our honeymoon there, but I need some info.

We're thinking of going for 4days/3 nights. Does that sound about right or is that too short of a stay? How much should I estimate to spend on the complete trip as far as a budget goes? Know of any good places to stay, preferrably a bed and breakfast or really anywhere thats quiet and nice? I need all the Tuscany info that you can give me! Where we should stay, what we should see, what to do.... I'm trying to gather as much info as possible.

Please help! Thanks so much!


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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I think you need at least 7 days to really enjoy Tuscany, including Florence.
Here is a proposed itinerary: 7 days in Tuscany

You could rent a car (see tips and start search here), spend the week in the countryside and do day trips to all of the places mentioned in that itinerary. I'd suggest staying centrally in Chianti - here are some accommodations to get you started and dreaming: www.tuscanyaccommodation.com

As far as budget, that really will depend on the type of lodiging you choose to stay at... anywhere from 80 to 150 euro per night. If you want light lunches but very nice dinners (honeymoon is a special trip ;-)), then I'd budget at least 80-100 euros for meals per day so that you could have a little extra to buy delicious gelato, souvenirs and have the choice to drink wine or not at the meals (which does increase the bill a bit, if you're not careful ;-))