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Hello People,
We are planning for our honeymoon in italy from Nov15th-28th this year and its going to be our first visit to italy. We plan to fly in to Milan/Venice and are keenly considering Tuscany as our first destination. Looking for first hand advice on weather conditions(will it be so rainy/cold that it is a bad idea to plan?), most efficient itinerary to cover places of artistic/cultural/historic interest and the countryside.

Pls help taking cognizance of the fact that both me and my partner appreciate art, music, wine, history and countryside.

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Buongiorno from Sovicille!
For your days in Tuscany, you could consider staying in Siena or in the wonderful countryside around this beautiful town (Val di Merse, Val d'Orcia, Chianti...). Siena and surroundings are very romantic and there are a lot of places of artistic/cultural/historic interest.
Giving advices concerning the weather is not easy (this year, for example, we had a very bad june, july and august) we had a short summer...this is not normal for our country...so, normally the month of november is quite cold and can be rainy, but, as I said - weather forecast has become difficult...
If you need other information, get in touch with us, we will be happy to help you.
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Weather in November

It is always a big guess on the weather, it changes so frequently. Last year I didn't even start using my heater until mid November...but that was not very normal.

The good thing is if you like art, history and good food ... it doesn't really make a difference what the weather is like outside (especially on your honeymoon!)

Depending on how many days you are in Tuscany, you might want to consider a few days in the city - where you can hit all of the museums, markets and "City atmosphere" and then a few days in the countryside to do the same their. The area between Florence and Siena would be particularly nice keeping you with short driving distance for many places - and since daylight hours are short in November that would help you max your days.

Buon Viaggio!