Horse riding in Florence

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horseback riding holiday in Tuscany

Ciao Caly,

You'll certainly find several centers around Florence where horseback riding is offered --- but as riding schools for children and adults not generally open to visitors. If you're interested in horseback riding for fun in the countryside, your best option is to look for a farm/ranch with horses themselves or nearby that can offer the possibility to go out for rides on horseback.

Near Florence, take a look at these places that offer accommodation with available riding nearby:
- Villa Poggio di Gaville in Figline Valdarno
- Relais Villa San Bastiano in Monsummano near Pistoia

This one, on the other hand, is specialized in offering holidays centered around horses, with rides in the surrounding countryside or even a whole week with a few days there and 3 days of trekking on horseback to specific destinations and sleeping at other farmhouses or villas in the area.

This is another one offering similar holidays but a bit further away from Florence, in Certaldo.

If you're staying in Florence and you want to just arrange rides for a few hours, you can contact this club to arrange rides of a few hours depending on your skill level. This is very close to Florence just south of Lastra a Signa.

Hope these suggestions are what you were thinking of!! :)

[Edit: P.S. If you want to try a tour because it will be the simplest thing to have someone else organize for you, you can try this day in Chianti on horseback tour!]
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