Hotel in or outside Florence ?


I stay one week in Florence and doubting 2 hotels.
1 outside city, stops a bus every 20 min. in front of hotel. Relax, great view. (Villa Le Rondini)
2. In the city close to everything.
Love to visit many things and maybe outside city is relax and can take a taxi back if too late.
But if go tour some things i need to leave early to get in the city on time.

What would you do, is it recommended and safe walking late to the busstation, take bus ?


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In or out of the city


You have made some valid considerations about being in or out of the city.

Personally, I think you make a good point that you will be doing lots of touring in the city that maybe a bit of relax in the countryside will be much appreciated. An early morning or late evening with a taxi will elimnate any stress of bus schedules or if you feel uncomfortable waiting - though my experience in Florence and taking the buses is that it is calm and tranquil (no more or less than any other city).

Besides if you are not doing anything "outside" of Florence Villa le Rondini will give you a bit of the "Tuscan" experience!

Buon Viaggio,
Donna Denise