Hotel with Disabled facilities in Lucca (or other historic town in Tuscany)

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robert ashton

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I am helping my parents who are looking for a hotel in Lucca for 4th-7th September this year, which importantly has disabled access and disabled room facilities as my father is in a wheelchair.

Can anybody help with suggestions of hotels which have disabled facilities. If possible they would like to be in or near the town centre of Lucca. Other suggestions in Tuscany would also be appreciated, although they are keen not to be too far from Pisa as they fly early on the morning from Pisa back to London.

Many thanks for any help, :)


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Ciao Robert and welcome to our DT Forum!

So far, I've found these four hotels that say they have rooms fitted for disabled access in Lucca.

Diana - - within city walls

San Martino - - within city walls

Bernardino - - just outside walls

Rex - - just outside the walls at the piazza della stazione

I'll keep looking and see if I find something else that would be appropriate for your parents.

Would they also be interested in staying in Pisa's historical center? Have they been to Lucca or Tuscany before? Will they have their own transportation? Just asking to figure out where else near Pisa we could recommend them staying - aside from finding a place with disabled access, it is important to know whether they prefer to stay in the city to have easy access to everything or would also like to stay in the countryside.


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complete list of hotels in Lucca with disabled access

I emailed the APT for Lucca asking if they had a complete list for hotels with disabled access, considering that is likely many don't think to indicate this on their websites. I was impressed that they emailed back promptly.
I hope this list is useful since it widens your parent's choices of places to stay.

I hope they have a wonderful time in Lucca, it is a beautiful town :).

Within the historical center:
Noblesse (5*)
Via S. Anastasio, 23
Tel: 0583 440275

Alla Corte Degli Angeli (4*)
Via Degli Angeli, 23
Tel: 0583 469204

Ilaria & Residenza Dell' Alba (4*)
Via Del Fosso, 26
Tel: 0583 47615

San Luca Palace Hotel (4*)
Via San Paolino, 103
Tel: 0583 317446

Villa Agnese (4*)
Viale Marti, 177
Tel. 0583 467109

San Martino (3*)
Via Della Dogana, 7/9
Tel: 0583 469181

Outside of the city walls:
Grand Hotel Guinigi (4*)
Via Romana, 1247
Te. 0583 4991

Hotel Bernardino (3*)
Via di Tiglio, 109
Tel. 0583 953356

Hotel San Marco (3*)
Via San Marco, 368
Tel. 0583 495010

Piazza Ricasoli, 19
Tel: 0583 955443

Via Romana, 41
Tel: 0583 950234


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hotels in center of Pisa with disabled access

As it might also be useful to have a list of hotels in PISA, here is a short list.

Hotels in center of Pisa with disabled access facilities

**** Grand Hotel Bonanno

**** Bologna

**** NH Cavalieri

*** Alessandro della Spina

*** Verdi

*** Leonardo

*** Minerva
*** Royal Victoria

*** Soggiorno Athena

** Milano

** La Torre
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