How accurate is this pasta map?


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Hi! I'm travelling to Italy this summer and, being a huge pasta lover, I'd like to try as much of the local cuisine as possible. I stumbled upon this pasta map on Facebook, so I'd like to know if this map is trustworthy? Also, if you could maybe recommend me some of these pasta dishes, as well as maybe some good local restaurants which serve them? Thanks! :)


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The idea is neat but the plates and locations are just an approximation and trying to place them somewhere... you can pretty much find most dishes across Italy, although of course you can say the "best" recipe will be here or there because it was "invented" here.

For example, PICI Cacio and Pepe is a Tuscan specialty, particularly around Siena and Pienza (pici is a kind of pasta) and this map has it way down by Rome. Aglio and Olio, which is just pasta with oil and garlic (some add small spicy red peppers, peperoncino, too), cannot be said it's from any one place since it is the pasta any one can make when they don't feel like really cooking ;-).

Pasta alla Norma can be found everywhere, as well as Spaghetti with Vongole and Lasagne alla Bolognese. You should do lots of traste-tasting while in Italy, of course!