How best to spend Thanksgiving in/around Florence


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Hello, we are traveling with 10 family members, staying in Florence for the week, and want to do something special for Thanksgiving, ideally a day trip to somewhere special nearby to get away and enjoy a nice dinner (wine country? cool castle?). Nothing annoyingly far or hard to get to. Does anyone have any ideas?


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Assuming you don't expect a Thanksgiving sort of meal since it really isn't that common (there are a few restaurants that will offer a Thanksgiving meal for expats in Florence), then you have a lot of choices for great meals out on that day!

How about exploring the Chianti wine area and ending up for dinner at the Osteria di Passignano?
If that doesn't fit your tastes, take a look at some of the other places we recommend in the Chianti area for meals.

I would say just make sure to get in touch ahead of time with them and make sure to book - for 10 people is not a small group but you also want to make sure they are open. While Chianti is not closed for the season, it is the off season and many people choose to take their vacations during late fall and winter considering they don't close in the summer at all.

If you've never been to Siena, I'd also consider it a special all day sort of day trip from Florence you could enjoy. I especially love the Duomo and the Palazzo Pubblico, you can also add in the climb up the tower if you want the extra exercise ;-). The frescoes inside the Palazzo Pubblico on Good and Bad Government make the visit very worthwhile. As far as eating there, one of our favorites in the trattoria da Nonna Gina or if not that, Boccon di Prete.

If you don't want to spend the entire day in Siena, you could consider a stop before there, at Monteriggioni, for example, or San Gimignano for the morning and Siena the rest of the day. Although I would really suggest a whole day in Siena, there is a lot to be said for enjoying it without being in a hurry.


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Restaurant recommendation

Thanks Lourdes, those are great suggestions!

We booked a 4.5 hour wine tasting through your website in the Chianti region on Thanksgiving Day, we are so excited.

But we will be back in Florence in the evening(staying in a hotel in the Santa Croce area). Can you recommend a restaurant in the city that is suitable for 10 (all adults, no one under 18)? We are not looking for turkey or anything American/traditional! Just an authentic local restaurant (more upscale if possible since it's a special day for us) serving local Italian food with great ambiance. I am not trusting my internet searches or the Open Table options.

You have been so helpful, thank god for this forum! I look forward to hearing back from you.