How can I get from Firenze to Collodi (Pinocchio Parc)?


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I'm new on your forum. So, be patient with me! I'm going to visit Firenze in April 2013, and I'd like to visit Pinocchio Parc with my children. I've heard it's a good ideea for children (or adults) entertainment. I tried to find how can I reach from Firenze to Collodi by train(i think is cheaper) or by bus but I couldn't.
Please, tell me how do I proceed and how much is it?Thank you very much!


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Ciao Nicoleta and welcome to our forum!

The Pinocchio park is definitely recommended for kids and adults alike! Just don't expect a theme park with mega rides.... It is more laid back, a garden with sculptures and fountains. It is fun and your kids will like it.

You can reach the park by first taking the train from Florence to Pescia (every 30 min) and then from there take the bus to Collodi. Here's more info on the park:
and here is the site for train timetables: and for the bus:

Let us know if you have any other questions!