How i go from Florence to Abetone, by car or by bus/train?


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Hello, I'm from Brasil and I'll stay in Florence with my family a few days in January. We will rent a car and we don't know if it's better go by car to Abetone, or go by Train to Fiorence and leaving from there to Abetone. Another option is go by car to Fiorence, leave the car in a parking and go by bus.
We're afraid of going by car because I read in a forum around Internet that it's dangerous driving between bus or trucks in mountain with snow chains when we've never driven in snow roads.
We don't know where we rent a snow equipment, it's better rent in Abetone or Fiorence? (Is there any store to rent this type of equipment in Fiorence??), we don't know yet if the stop bus is near of the place that we'll ski, in summary: we know nothing, John Snow hehehe (Understands will understand (= )
I hope that a good soul with a good heart light the path to me.
Sorry the very bad English, I'm Brazilian rsrs.


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Ciao Andre,

Don't worry and don't apologize for your English.... and you will know something soon, Jon Snow! ;-)

Aside from the fact that there is very little snow at the moment (but it should change) - how many days total do you have?

Are you planning to use Florence as a base?

First, I would recommend NO CAR while in Florence. The ZTL is just almost everywhere in the center and you can run into problems of driving into the area without a permit.... and 6 months later getting a fine in the mail. Read this to learn more about the ZTL:

Second, if you want to rent any car in January, you'll be required to rent snow chains and carry them in the boot of the car whether it snows or not, just to be on the safe side. It is Italian law. The car rental place has to show you how to put them on and take them off, they are ONLY used when there is snow on the ground/when it is snowing. In Florence, that's rare.... and even as you drive to Abetone, it might be you don't need them until you're almost there.

Third, if you want to ski - why not stay closer to Abetone, maybe not all the way up the mountain but partway and have a car? I'd recommend staying at Borgo Isora, these apartments are on the road to Abetone so it would be easier to get to Abetone from there.

Last, ski rentals you get directly at Abetone. I don't know of any place in Florence that does ski rentals, plus you would have the inconvenience of then carrying everything further with you.

IF THERE IS NO SNOW IN ABETONE: they will do create artificial snow to attract skiers.

BUT if you don't want to go all the way to Abetone for very little snow, in Florence you can find a skating rink and a small tiny slope where kids/adults can ride a sleigh down during this winter period, the place in fact is called Winter Park and it is right by the Obihall. It is mentioned here under "activities".

Hope all this helps!! Let me know what else I can help with!


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I loved your tips and thank you so much for them =)

Unfortunately, I have already rented a apartment in Florence and I need to go from Florence to Abetone, do you know which is the best option to go there??
Thanks, André Simão =D


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rapid bus to Abetone


there is a special bus that connects Florence to Abetone it leaves at 7 and you are ready to ski by 9,30!

I have driven the road several times in the season - and believe me the bus is so nice after a long day of skiing!

The document is in Italian - but you can pretty much understand the times and the dates. 20151217.pdf

Buon Viaggio,