How large is Tuscany


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How far is it to travel lets say from Siena to Florence? I'm trying to get an idea of how large Tuscany is.


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As the birds fly, the distance between the two cities is about 50 km. But since we aren't birds and need to follow the roads, driving distance is more like 75 km and about an hour and fifteen minute car drive on the Firenze-Siena motorway.

If you had to cross all of Tuscany from either the north to the south or from the west to the east, an estimate would be about a 3 hour drive for each direction (if you took the A1 through northern Tuscany towards Rome, the time would be less).
Tuscany is not that big in reality, but most of the roads are just two lanes and many parts are hilly and therefore the roads get curvy, which add time to driving so it is just a very general indicator of the size of the region.


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Google location map distance to Around Tuscany

hi, Google shows little different information about moving around to Tuscany. I have seen the and it is about 45 KM. You make sure before making your traveling right there.