How to get from Colle di Val d'Elsa to Rome


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Any tips on how to get from Colle to Rome? If possible we don't want to go back to Florence as we have already spent a lot of time there. Also heard about a bus that goes through Colle once a day that you need to book - does anyone know what Company runs this service?


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all roads lead to Rome


I realize you may have spent time in Florence, but if you are going to Rome travelling through Florence maybe one of the fastest solutions. (and you don't have to leave the station if you don't want too :cool: )

However, I did find this link but it leaves from Siena not Colle val d'Elsa:

with this link insert from where to where and the date and it will give you an offer:

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From Poggibonsi or car sharing maybe

I didn't find any bus going from Colle di Val d'Elsa to Rome as well, even if I do remember there were some (at least some time ago.
Anyway, maybe you can try this website out I found it quite useful sometime.

Or, the alternative may be using a car sharing service, like blablacar. I didn't try it personally, but many friends use it very often: it's cheap, you help reducing Co2 emissions and you got the chance to meet new people.