how to get from florence airport (FLR) to Santa maria novella train station area


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Hi there! i will be in florence in july and understand that there is a tram that i can take from the airport to city centre. Can i know upon arrival where can i purchase the ticket ( if possible pls advise me on the location) and how much does it cost to travel from airport to Santa Maria Novella Train station as my accomodation is near there. I also know that i would need to purchase a ticket for my luggage as well. How much will it cost and lastly how long is the ride? We are a party of 5 so does it make sense to get a taxi instead? Txs for all your help



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The ticket costs 1.50 euro and you DO NEED a ticket for your luggage! You can get it directly at the ticket automatic machine at the tram stop. So 3 euros per person, with 5 people it is definitely still cheaper than a taxi.

The ride is about 20 minutes, if I remember correctly, from one end to the other end.