How to get from Rome Airport to Radda


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I will be flying to FCO on May 12 and arrive at 1210pm. Need info on how to get from Rome Airport FCO to Radda by train or bus.


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Getting to Radda from Rome FCO is not easy and you will have to take both trains and buses.

The first stage is to get to Florence and this will involve the Leonardo Express from the airport to the main Rome station of Termini. From there I suggest you take either the Frecciarossa train to Florence - or that offered by Italo -

You then have to get to Siena as there is no direct service to Radda. Siena can be reached from Florence either by train or bus. Train takes about 1 hour 30 and the bus about 1 hour 15. The bus services leave from outside the station (on the other side of the square). Then you have to take the Tiemme bus #125 to Radda.

If this works for you I could provide more details of times.


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As Craig has already replied with the general route to take, I will only add this page on various ways to get to Siena without a car that can offer another alternative from Rome:

Once you get to Radda, how do you plan to move about? it isn't easily reached by bus or train, I highly recommend a car rental to move around once you're also in the area.
In that case, you might consider renting from Rome or Florence to make your life simpler.


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Lourdes - good link but where is it and others like it located on the site?

Also, I thoroughly agree with you about hiring a car especially if one is based in one of the smaller towns. Apart from the convenience and not being tied to timetables, one of the greatest things of travelling through the Tuscan countryside is the discovery of an unexpected but charming town or hamlet, or alternatively a view which you can stop and enjoy.