how to get thru Cinque terre from Florence ?


hi everyone...

i was wondering if i make trip to Florence, and go to Chianti and stay a night at San Gimignano , how can i get thru Cingue Terre ? is it far ? or there is easiest way to make it possible please do share..

if there is another alternative is better , i appreciate it. i have 4-5nights for tuscany trip.

thank you


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Getting to Cinque Terre from Florence


If you drive into Florence you can take the train from there---or you could catch the same train you would in Florence but, at Pontedera. The drive from San Gimignano to Florence or to Pontedera is the same - except your train ride will be an hour LESS from Pontedera. Be sure to check the train you pick - some will have you change in Pisa and some have no changes (it is less confusing to get the no changes - but they are less frequent)

Have a look at this link to see more information about getting to and around Cinque Terre:

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