How to get to Lucca from Pisa airport late evening ?

Anyone know how to get to Lucca from Pisa on a Friday evening in November around 11.30pm ?

The Ryan air flight I'm using lands around 11.30pm which is too late for the car rental companies. Don't fancy paying taxi prices, so was hoping for a train or bus option.

I did a bit of research and it would appear the last train to Lucca is 9pm unless i'm mistaken.

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Ciao tangerine,

There are no good news for getting to Lucca at that hour easily, no matter the month!
As you've already seen, the last train is around 9pm while the last bus is also between 8 and 9pm (depends on day of the week).
Bus service is through VAI Bus company - you can see a summary of the schedule here:

I also checked for taxi fares - the estimate they give from the airport to a generic address in Lucca is around 65 euros. If you already have an address in Lucca, try plugging it in:

So maybe you'll have to weigh cost of taxi vs spending the night in Pisa and heading out the following day..... what do you think?