How to get to Saturnia?


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We are planning to visit Italy in October and I would love to stop by Saturnia. We are coming from Florence and headed to Rome but would like to stop for a night? Is there anyway to get a bus from Orvieto or Grosseto? I would rather not rent a car unless its the only option... Any ideas?


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The page on Saturnia explains how to get there, see the page here.

As you can see, you can get there by a combination of train + bus but if you're going down from Florence, just the train ride to Grosseto takes about 3 hours. Then you need to keep going by train and change to bus. All this while trying to meet the schedules that are available.
You should definitely stay in the area that night - take a look at accommodation in the area here.

As the same itinerary has been considered by others quite recently, I'd suggest you read through these posts to get a clearer idea of the options of getting there (including through Orvieto):

.... but in general, the easiest way to get to the area from Florence is by car....and spend more time in Maremma to break up the trip ;-)