How to recover lost item on Sita bus in Florence


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This week I left a package on the 131/R Sita Bus from Siena to Florence. What is the phone number or email I can call to try and locate my lost package. I just returned to the U.S. and I do not speak Italian. Thank you in advance.


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I have searched for an email - but, all I could find is a phone number. I also found that after a month, they dispose of all unclaimed items.

If you can be more precise about the day and object I can try and call to find out more, however, I am not sure how you can go about reclaiming it because what I saw was you have to go in person.'

Direzione Regionale Toscana
Viale dei Cadorna, 105 – 50129 Firenze
Tel. 055.47821 Fax 055.4782253

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