Ideas for several days in Siena? We are 6


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I have been to Italy several times with my mother and my husband, but this time it is with them both, plus my daughter and niece (both 18) and my step daughter (48) So 6 of us. We are flying into Florence and have an apartment for three days there. We are planning to then take the train or bus (undecided yet) to the Siena region where we would like to stay for 4 days, from where we will explore towns like San Gimignano and Montepulciano (where I have been and I adored them) on day trips, hopefully by bus, and also perhaps squeeze in some wine exploration. We will then take the train to Venice for 3 days and fly home from there. My questions involve accommodations recommendations in the Siena area - town vs outer area? Hotel v agri or villa? we will not have a car; Is that ok? On our wine tour day (we have a fellow here hopefully setting something up for us) is it possible to rent a driver and car large enough to accommodate 6 pax? Can we find our way into Siena or to shops, etc, via local bus if we stay somewhere near enough to the main road? Thanks.


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Where to Stay in Siena


You seem to have divided your days well!

With two 18 year olds, you might appreciate staying in the city center leaving them free to do a little exploring in the evening on their own. The city is enchanting and will offer lots of opportunities for them to stroll about and without having to get in a car or use a bus.

Though you might also enjoy a place in the countryside, this is a beautiful area and there are lots of places close by that will give you easy access to Siena but also the main roads to do a bit of day trip traveling. Read my review on Hotel Fontanelle

You might also want to have a look at our section dedicated to wine tasting for some ideas in the areas you will be visiting>

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Thank you for posting here on the forum, as it makes it easier for others to also find your questions and our answers (I'll answer on the comments too, just to make sure you see my reply).

You can most definitely move from Florence to Siena by bus, and then head to SG by bus from Siena. Exploration of the region in between, for wine tastings and such, is much easier with a group tour where you don't have to worry about transportation schedules. Montepulciano is harder to get to by bus from Siena, but you can also get there with a tour group. If you prefer a driver, yes, most certainly many of them have the minivans where you can accommodate 6-7 passengers. For tours, take a look on http://tours.discovertuscany.c... (also do searched for specific towns).

I would suggest staying in town in Siena -- not just for the kids but to make practical matters such as moving around easier. Buses run in and out of Piazza Gramsci (map it and see it is very central). It will make it easier for you to get to buses and just enjoy Siena as well. Take a look at for some ideas.