In Florence Aug 15 to 19, afraid most things will be closed, help!


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Of course, we will be arriving at the beginning of the summer Holiday. Any input on this time period in Florence would be super helpful. I am worried that so much will be closed that it will be terrible, and there are eleven of us including some older kids. If anyone could point us in the right direction it would be appreciated! should we plan an excursion to somewhere else? or will we be ok?
Thank You!!


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lots of things will remain open on August 15

August 15 is a national holiday so, yes, you'll find several museums and all administrative offices closed, as well as many commercial activities like clothing stores. You might find some restaurants closed, and not just for the 15th. But at the same time, on August 15 you'll also find some museums, restaurants, coffee shops and gelato (very important! ;) ) parlors OPEN! :D Florence and most towns do not completely close off - it is a holiday, so people go somewhere!!

For example, the Uffizi and Accademia in Florence will be open!

The other days you might find some shops closed, if they've decided to take off on holiday.... but nowadays, most shops in the downtown area remain open in August - it is when visitors are here! So, overall, expect some places to be closed and, if weather is hot, for lots of people to head to the sea so you'll see less crowds (a good thing!) but in general you and your family will be ok!!

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask! :) Just so you know, August 16 is the Palio in Siena, were you considering going to that? the whole town is abuzz the week before and for days after so you might consider fitting it in on those days... ;)


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We get there on the 15th and arrive at 5:30 pm... need a good open restaurant for dinner. also was looking at the two day itinerary on this site, what do you think of it? the five kids are ages 7 to 17. is pitti palace open?? we had no idea about Siena.. do you think we should go?, how would we go? would love opinions...
thank you so much!