Informal cooking classes


Does anyone know if we can find an informal cooking class I can do with my daughter in law and 2 grandsons, under 10 years old. We will be in Florence last 2 weeks of July

Thanks. Eva


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I don’t know about Florence but there is pasta Fresca in Tavarnelle Val de Pisa that sounds amazing. I’m going there in May and looking forward to it.

30 euros and you get the fresh pasta you’ve made to take home. 50 euros (per person) she will cook it for you and serve along with wine and dessert.


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Ciao Eva,

Yes, of course there are informal cooking classes you can join, lots of them!

You have to look through the many options and see what you would like - a morning class with a market tour, or evening one -- most will them include lunch or dinner with whatever you have prepared :D

Take a look here for my review of one I did not so long ago, it was a group class --

If you want a private class, I highly recommend a class with Fiamma:

If you want more general group classes, including wine tastings, specific menus or other, take a look here:
(affiliate link)

I am sure you will have fun no matter what you choose!!

As far as replying to threads on the forum, I am trying to catch up -- I just gave birth 18 days ago and I try to do what I can when the baby is napping (and sometimes that includes napping myself :D ).