Is Florence going to be too busy at this time of year?

Next week my family, 2 adults and 2 children, are flying out of City Airport to Florence for a two week holiday in Tuscany. We're fly/driving.
The kids are ,12 and 10, and we are all very excited.

The challenge for me in finding a suitable holiday is alwayss trying to find something the kids are going to enjoy and at the same time accommodate my husbands idea of good food and wine, peace and quiet.
So I have booked a 10 night stay at the Norcenni Girasole family resort near Figline Valdarno.
The plan is we will divide time as fairly as possible between staying on the park for the water park, and trips out to visit places; Volterraa, Montelpuciano, a wine tour, San Gimignano.
Obviously we would love to visit Florence, but we are finding ourselves wary of the crowds and traffic.
I know it's likely to be very busy and husband is reluctant to waste time. And I know what it's like stuck in a hot city mid-summer queuing and not getting very far but spending an awful lot of cash at the same time, and the kids whining because they'd rather be splashing abut in the water with their new-found friends. Thirty years ago I WAS one of the whining creatures annoying my stressed parents in a hot, crowded Florence wanting to be back at the campsite messing about in a pool with my new-found friends.

So basically, I am looking for advice.
Would Florence be best left alone this time? Something for hubby and I to do out of season possible without the kiddies. Both of us would love to go but maybe it would be best experienced another time.

Any other suggestions with your experience I would be very grateful. :):)


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City center of Florence


Actually summer and in particular August has a tendency to empty out the cities (especially of the locals) Museum lines can be uncomfortable and the city is a bit hot...but don't let that disuade you from all the fun things you can do and see in Florence.

However depending on the age of the kids - you might find that you and your hubby will get a lot more out of it at another time. But having said that they are lots of things to do with the kids. I am going in this morning and we have booked a visit "secret passage" tour at Palazzo Vecchio ... and I will let you know how that goes ;-)

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise