Is Villa di Castello still open to public?


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Hi guys, I was doing some research for a trip to Florence and came across Villa di Castello. The garden seems quite nice and I especially like the fact that it is quite away from city center.

But I couldn't find information about opening hours. The official website shown on TripAdvisor is down, the phone number on Google Maps and TripAdvisor are different, and the article about the villa here is written 2 years ago, so no current information.

Do you know if the villa is still open to public? If it is, could you please let me know about the opening hours, phone numbers or any website containing these information? Thanks so much!:)


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It sure is!

And it really is worth a visit - the garden that is, because the villa

This link will keep you up on the opening hours to the gardens and it gives you a number to call to confirm the opening (it seems it varies often :mad:)

Another great villa to visit (I have been there in the summer when the hold concerts in the courtyard of the villa):

and this one is great too:

Buon Anno,

Donna Denise