Italy in 2 days


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Hi, we are taking a small ship cruise this fall all around Italy. The cruise ends in Venice and we want to come somewhere to relax for a few days. We will need to fly back to London on the Friday. Thoughts about where to go? We will be hitting all the major areas in Italy. We will want to just eat, drink, and wander around. We are struggling with where to go. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!


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Ciao NicoleA94,

I am not I understand how many days you will have total for Italy.... and whether your cruise is already part of your Italy adventure or not.
Your title is 2 days but you say you will be hitting all the major areas in Italy, is that on the cruise? Are you looking for suggestions for after the cruise ends and you only have 2 days before returning to London? Since 2 days is not enough for all of Italy, I don't want to offer a reply that doesn't really suit what your days are, so I'll wait to see a reply before I offer any suggestions!