Itinerary for 14 days


I will be traveling to Italy this summer and can't make up my mind the best route to take. We arrive in Venice and will be there for two nights. The next part of the trip was to Cinque Terre, Tuscany area and Rome. It takes 5-6 hours on the train to Cinque Terre and only 3 hours on the fast train from Venice to Rome. Would it make sense to go from Venice, Rome, Tuscany, Cinque Terre. We would then leave from Pisa to return home. It seems like it would save us traveling time, but not sure. What are your thoughts?


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Travel time to Rome and CT


Yes it would make sense.

You can train back to Florence from Rome in an a hour and 40 min, I just took the train up from Rome and it is fast, comfortable and there are plenty of places to keep you luggage while traveling. However, just to clarify ... it isn't really three hours but almost four. Not that it changes your itineary much, I agree if you do it right off (and leave Venice early in the morning) then you can work your way over to CT easily once in Tuscany. If you are buying your tickets in advance then remember if you are staying in Venice you will want to look at the Venice S. Lucia train station!

Will you be renting a car from Rome and then driving back or are you planning on doing everything by train?

If you want to stick with the train then you might want to look at a hotel in the city center of Florence to use as a base, so that train travel is easy and quick.

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Getting to CT

Hi -

it is a bit of a toss up if you should take the car to CT or not. I suggest you read this article for some more info on getting to and around CT:

Personally I would probably finish with Tuscany and then leave my car in Pisa and take the train. But then I believe that CT should be explored by foot, train or boat and not by car. In the summer, the few places that do have parking, will be packed. And the train ride from CT to La Spezia (an hour...more or less) and then into CT.

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