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Jeff Kaus

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We will be arriving at Portovenere by cruise ship on 7th September.
What is the best and quickest way to visit Pisa??
We only have one day in port,
Also,can we purchase tickets to climb tower on line and at what cost.???

We would also need advice about our return journey.
Thanking you,
Jeff Kaus


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Portovenere, just beautiful!


The quickest way to get to Pisa and really enjoy a bit of Italy and Tuscany along the way would be to have a private driver. I know this may seem like a big expense but actually if you let it be known at the pursers desk on board, they frequently match other people up so they can share a driver - when you start to split the cost by 8 it becomes much more user friendly.

However, if you want to do it on your own you need to catch the local transport to the La Spezia train station and then a train to Pisa...and then either walk it or catch a bus to the Piazza dei Miracoli to see the leaning tower of Pisa. The cruise ship normally has all the time schedules for local buses and trains. Have a look at these articles for how to arrange your day in Pisa:

Definitely get your tickets before hand, because if you really want to go to the top you risk not getting in. I suggest you look at this site for more info on purchasing a ticket:

Buon Viaggio,
Donna Denise