Lady's bootmakers in Tuscany


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I would like to start by commenting how useful I have found the information that has been shared on other posts. It has been helpful in planning my first visit to Tuscany & Italy. I hope our visit will be as positive as the information that is shared on this site.
I would like to treat my girlfriend to a pair of handmade leather boots. Does anyone know of a list of craftsman from the region?
Many thanks in advance.


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handmade leather shoes and much more still produced in Tuscany today

Ciao Ragman,

We're happy you've found our forum useful in planning your trip so far, we certainly hope everything will come out as well or even better than planned! :)

As far as handmade leather shoes, Tuscany remains one of the top regions still producing lots of leather and lots of artisan products, including footwear. In Florence alone, across the historical center you'll find many small shops that produce handmade shoes - despite how luxurious the shop might look from the front, I assure you that if you stop and ask they'll start telling you of their workshop. The ones with personal names and "bottega" and "cuoio" or "artigianale" are most likely the type of shops you want. Avoid chains and those with lots of sales people on some of the main streets.

Just to give you an idea, take a look at some of these (and while many have only men's shoes in their pictures, they also do women's):


Florence - famous in Florence but only makes men's shoes (something for yourself? ;-) )

Saskia Wittmer - workshop/shop on Via S. Lucia, 24r, Tel 055 293291

La Bottega Del Cuoio Di Bertoncini Riccardo
via San Miniatese 8/A, Fucecchio, Firenze, FI 50054