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Loraine Beaton

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I am bringing a group of 53 film and design students from South Africa for the Venice Biennale. We will be spending some time in Florence as well and I have put out a day for us to visit San Gimignano and Tuscany. Our plan is to leave Florence around 09h00 and then visit San Gimignano in the morning until 12h00. Thereafter we would like to see some of Tuscany and possibly do a wine tour (not everyone will be interested so they will need to be able to explore elsewhere if they choose to).

Do you have any recommendations for us? We have a bus that will be driving us around. I just am not sure what route to follow and where to stop.

We will ideally need to be back in Florence by about 18h30.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thank you


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A morning in San Gimignano sounds great, you should definitely plan on seeing the inside of the Duomo and climb up the Torre Grossa if possible. Most everyone just wanders around and leaves, which is missing some of the greater treasures the city offers.

A group that large will require visiting a large enough winery -- and maybe one that can offer lunch as well. I am thinking you already have meals planned out with set menus, is that correct? or not yet for that day yet?
Because I'd suggest heading either to the Antinori winery or to the Poggio Amorelli, this might be easier to get to because it is closer to San Gimignano. After, you could head to Monteriggioni and from there to Siena, then return to Florence through the Firenze-Siena (takes about an hour to get back from Siena).

If you want to skip Siena and focus on Chianti, you could instead head toward Castellina and then on to Radda or Panzano, heading back toward Florence on the SS222 Chiantigiana road. You could go to the Casa del Chianti Classico for wine tasting -