Late in the day train schedule for December 2018

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Hi everyone,

I've started planning our trip to Italy....excited!! I'm thinking of being in Cinque Terre for a whole day (Dec 27th, 2018). Where can I find the latest train from Cinque Terre to Florence (hopefully after 9pm)? Any help is much appreciated.


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Train schedules


the train schedules for Dec 2018 won't be "officially" posted until late September. The schedules change (ever so slightly) once school starts again - you could try choosing a date in October or November to get an idea - but remember to check back as you get closer to the departure date to be sure there have been no changes in the time schedule.

Just a word to the wise, Cinque Terre in December (even if it is the Christmas holidays) is not like the photos. Many places may (and will) be closed - including many restaurants, shops and cafes...however the scenery is always open to the public - even if the trails between the cities are closed.

You may enjoy visiting 5T with an organized tour. My colleagues here at Dicover Tuscany did a tour in off season, and you can read about it here:

Buon Viaggio,

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