Leaning Tower of Pisa

I just read on the website children under 8 are not permitted to enter the tower.
Does it make sense to make a trip to Pisa if we wont be able to go inside the tower?

Or is it still nice to see it from outside.
Any help would be appreciated.

Are there any other things also to see in Pisa?


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Aside from spending time in the other monuments in the Square of Miracles likes Uomo Grasso has suggested - at the baptistery, cathedral, camposanto and museum, as well as take the classic picture of you holding the tower up ;), you can also walk around Pisa and see other sites. Here is an idea of a few more things to see in Pisa:


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Ciao Neha,

The one day tour you've linked to has the benefit of you not having to worry about transportation and when time is limited, they take you from Florence to Siena, you spend the morning there and then head out of Siena into Chianti to stop at a winery where you do both wine tasting and lunch.

Then you stop in San Gimignano for an hour or two, then head on to Pisa.

You have some time at each place, but as you can imagine it just a few hours... so the pace is quick.
When you have a day or two to see all of Tuscany and want to see the highlights, I do recommend this tour, even if you don't get to spend too much time at each place.

Personally, if you have the time and you're traveling with kids, I wouldn't recommend it.
First, if you have the time, all of Tuscany and Italy for that matter is best experienced without being in a hurry. Take your time to explore, even if you never step foot in any museum. All of the towns are museums in their own right, with all of the beautiful palaces, piazzas, statues and monuments everywhere. You want to take time over meals, and enjoy lots of gelato as you walk around! ;-)

Then, with children, if they get tired and want to take a break (and enjoy a gelato, for example) or go head back "home", you don't have control over your schedule in this type of tour. A 12 hour day is long.

If Florence is your base, I'd do a day trip to Pisa and Lucca (they are close to each other, you can do half a day in each), then a day in Siena and the rest of the time in Florence! There is plenty to see and do at each.
Thanks Loudres and Uomo, since we have 3 full days in florence i think will spend one day in Pisa and go to Lucca if possible and rest of the 2 days in Florence.
I think keeping the pace slow and relaxed will help us enjoy our Italy vacation the most and give us time to enjoy Venice also before we make the return trip home.

Thanks much.


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Yes, take it slow and relax and you'll enjoy everything you see and do, even if it seems "less" ;-) Italy is super concentrated, you could stay in Florence center and just wander the streets and see something new/different each day.