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Hello, I'm making leather items as my hobby for 2 years and LOVE Italian leathers like Minerva Box or BUTTERO, and wondering if there is any tours visiting tanners and see how they are making leathers, and if possible, would like to buy great quality of leathers when visiting Florence in this June.

I looked for tours, but most tours are visiting retail shops and watch them making leather items. I also searched leather shops, but could not find any... So many ateliers in Florence area, but Where are they buying leathers??? Can anyone please help me out???


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I would definitely suggest that you look up Pierotucci, I have seen the tour they give, and if you express an interest they are actually quite good at showing you the details and answering questions (in English). Here is an article on their master craftsman...https://www.discovertuscany.com/typical-products-of-tuscany/leather-making.html

Most tanning companies are located along the Arno River, especially in or near Empoli. Check out this link for more information about vegetable tanned leather, it is a high quality tanned leather from Tuscany.

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