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Hi, I'm a newbie at this forum, great suggestions in the readings. A quick synopsis of our Tuscany stay in Sept 2015:3days in Rome, driving to Seina for 1 night, 1week in Villa in Montepulciano(with a day tour of Florence), drive to northern Chianti area (Leccio) for 2 nights, return car to Florence, train to laSpezia for 2nights, tour Cinque Terre, train back to Rome.
My question is: 1)we have a hold (until July 20)on place to stay in Leccio with 2bed/2baths for the 4 adults. Is this a good location for us to base ourselves to explore the Chianti region? We wanted something close to Florence since that's where we will be dropping off our car, to catch the train to LaSpezia. We're open to car dropoffs in other cities.
2) since we will be in Montepulciano for 7 days, do you know of any good hiking in the Lake Trasimento area or close by? We're going to take a day trip to Assisi.hiking even in the Leccio area if we decide to stay there.

We were in Riva, Lake Garda 2 years ago and did a lot of hiking north of the lake,which was beautiful. Appreciate any suggestions, of course I'll probably be returning with other questions/concerns.


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Leccio would not be a bad place to stay in but if you're interested in hiking Chianti, you can also stay more central in Chianti and then have everything closer by. If you like hiking, I would also suggest staying the Casentino area in eastern Tuscany - east of Leccio. It is mountains, you can visit Poppi and hike either up to Monte Falterona or to Camaldoli monastery or La Verna. Beautiful country up there!

You can also drop off the car in PISA - and catch train from there. So after a week in Montepulciano, you could choose to go further away and stay closer to Pisa area if you don't see that during the week you are in southern Tuscany. There are hills north of Pisa between Pisa and Lucca that would also be good for hiking.

I don't know the Trasimeno area at all, so cannot offer advice for hiking in that area, sorry!


Thank you so much for the suggestions, I'll definitely look into the cities you mentioned.
We're looking forward to our Sept trip.


San miniato and things to do

Hi, we have decided not to stay in Leccio and have an inquiry for a property location in San Miniato. This would bring us closer to Pisa to drop off the car. We will be in this area on a Sat and Sun night, any fun ideas for us to look into? We are going to explore any hiking areas north of San Miniato, too. Thank you


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Hiking around San Miniato

Buongiorno -

you should look into the trails and hiking opportunities connected to the via Francigene, there are several starting points in that general area.

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