Liberation Day 25/04/16


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My wife and I will be in Florence 23/04-29/04/16. We will be doing a few tours and were wondering
before we booked anything if there were any Events/Parades/Street Fairs etc... in Florence that would be worthwhile seeing on Liberation Day.

Thanks in Advance.


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April 25


Though the 25th of April is an important historical moment for Italy, it is not necessary an event that they will have lots of fanfare around. If any special events will be planned normally they are not "broadcasted" until early April - so I suggest that you keep an eye on our calendar. This will be updated the last week of March - when more activities become finalized.

However as far as events that repeat, parades, etc. there isn't much within the city. Most events are small and very local honoring those who partecipated in the war and those who were lost.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise.