Limo service in Rome, Florence

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Hey hi all that's my first post here. I have been reading this forum and finally i myself would be visiting the place.
My family and me are visiting Rome in October as i have got a trip from my company. We have decided to spend a week in Rome, Florence, Siena and then 2-3 days in Sorrento. Plan to hire a limo service for transfers to and from these areas. Has anyone used a limo service with the company named as "Rome Minicabs? i am going to hire them but no experience at all with any limo company ever. If somebody has used them then please share. I have read a review at trip advisor and at another forum too about it. kindly share.
Any recommendations or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.:)


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Sorry, can't share any experience with this company. You're planning to hire them to take you between Rome, Florence, Siena and Sorrento? You can actually get between Rome and Florence very easily on your own taking a train, and use Florence as your base and do a day trip to Siena (taking the bus). Then you can take a train back to Rome.... so the service might be most of use to get you to Sorrento, is you wish.
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