Local festivals and events June 7-14 2017 in Tuscany


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We will be visiting Tuscany June 7-14 and are looking for local small town festivals and events. Can anyone recommend some to me? Thanks, Gordy


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Tuscany in June


June is still a long way off for a lot of Tuscans !! However, there are many events that happen every year - and though the dates many not have yet been "officially" published you can get a general idea of when they will be.

I suggest you have a look at our calendar of highlights for the month of June, you can read through it now and then check back at the first week of June for exact dates and info.

We also have a specific calendar from for Florence in June - this is a pretty busy month, so be sure to include something from the city as well.

In addition, Pisa also has an active events calendar for the month of June - have a look here for more info.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise