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Wondering if there are any recommended restaurants near the town of Castellina (within an hour) where we will be staying from end of August till start of September?



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There are several restaurants in Castellina itself, I remember eating a good lunch at the Osteria il Re Gallo but there are others for you to try out too! It isn't a long drive to Radda or Panzano or Greve for more options but if you're in town for about a week, I suggest you try the local ones first.


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Places to eat in Chianti


You might enjoy checking out this article, I have personally eaten at all but one (unfortunately it is the one closest to Castellina :( ) but I love the view!


You might also enjoy checking out the new cantina and restaurant for Il Cellese, I had friends do the wine tour and lunch with them this summer and the gave it rave reviews. It is very new (June 2108) and doesn't feature in this article, but you can contact Sergio directly for more info:


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