Local Town/Village Markets


Can you please tell me if such a thing happens in Italy? In France the local weekly market is a very popular and well attended attraction with stalls selling everything from fresh produce to local art and crafts goods. If such an event does occur in Italy is there a list published anywhere listing venues,times and days markets are held?
9 weeks to go and counting, really looking forward to our visit.


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Local market days

Yep, every single town has their weekly market, the day changes but you'll always find it - with produce, local cheeses and other products as well as clothes and house items, from kitchen accessories to lines and that type of thing. A bit of everything!

The link you posted has a very good comprehensive list although just by looking at a few in Florence there are a few mistakes, most likely it needs to be updated. Days seem right, but take hours as as general guideline (also because they'll vary in summer).

Just a few more weeks, I am sure you'll love Tuscany! :)