Locande Del Ponte


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i have made a reservation at this hotel and have received an e mail to confirm, however the money has not been debited to my credit card for 3 weeks now. i cannot contact them by phone - they do not answer and they are not responding to e mails
can anyone tell me if this hotel is closeed or does anyone know why i cannot get on to them


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About the Locanda Del Ponte in Monticiano...

Hello Ruth,

I understand your worry and can't really conceive how it is possible that a four star hotel closes up and doesn't have someone on hand to answer the phone or at least reply to emails!

We tried calling ourselves, and as you've already experienced, no one answers. The website doesn't inform of their being closed and until when, which is really bad policy on their part.
But I do think that is precisely what is going on - from what I was able to see on their availability, they'll be closed until the end of March.

That doesn't reassure you of your booking however - what period were you reserving for? did you reserve through their website and does the email you received say whether they will charge ahead or if the credit card number is just to guarantee your reservation? If that is the case, then you might not have to worry and just wait for a reply.... on the other hand, if this is the service they're offering, I'd personally search for another place to stay at.

The only way to contact them seems to be by email - hoping they'll check it and reply in the short term.


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how to get to Monticiano?

Hi Lourdes
thanks for your help last time, I did hear from the hotel in Monticiano and you were right they are open in April.
I fly in to Rome and am wondering about transport to tuscany.
where would the closest place be to catch the train to ?
would it be Sienna and, if so, is it direct or would I need to change trains?
also how do I get from Sienna to Monticiano?
you have a wonderful site with lots of great info!
thanks in advance


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Getting to Monticiano from Siena

Ciao Ruth,

Hopefully they got all the emails we sent them and that's why they finally wrote back! So bad to close and ignore emails though.

You can take train from Rome to Siena, with a likely change in trains in Chiusi. See schedules on www.trenitalia.com.

From the Siena train station you can catch one of two buses that run to Monticiano.
Bus 116D leaves Siena at 13.45 and 17.40 arriving in Monticiano at 14.45 and 18.40 (there are two stops in Monticiano, ask your hotel which one is closest to them).
Bus 116R leaves Siena at 13.50 and 18.15 and arrives in Monticiano around 15.05 and 19.30.

To return to Siena, bus 116D leaves Monticiano at 6.58am while bus 116R leaves at 6.00, 6.30 and 14.45.

You can see the full bus schedule here: http://www.trainspa.it/train04/extraurbano.pdf
(Monticiano starts on page 25)

If you need any other help in finding info, let us know! :) Hope you'll have a great time in Monticiano and Tuscany! Make sure to do the short walk from Monticiano to the San Galgano Abbey while you're there ;)


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Oh. I was worried too. I booked flight and reserved a room in this hotel.
My wife would kill me if I did something wrong.
Thank you for these reassuring. Hope it's true.