Long term rental query


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We are planning a long term rental around the Pisa area for October 2016 for one year approx.
There are just two of us and we are looking for a rental with a pool and within walking distance to a town/village with bars , restaurants and other amenities if possible.


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Ciao Michael,

We are not an agency and thus cannot help in this type of search, we don't have the means.
I would suggest you search online for rental agencies in Pisa and get in touch directly with them to get assistance in location a place.

In Florence, we know of Pitcher & Flaccomio who manage rental properties across Tuscany for long term rentals but I don't know about what they might or not have in Pisa. I also know their site isn't always up to date, so don't depend on that - contact them and see whether they can help.