Long Term Vineyard Accommodation


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Bit of a weird request and may just be a pipe dream!

I'm English (I sadly speak no Italian), 29 years old, and I work remotely as a graphic designer. I've always had a dream of living on a vineyard and now because I can work from anywhere, I really want to spend a couple of months living on an Italian vineyard this summer. The problem is it's looking difficult to find a vineyard that will let me stay for 2 months.

Does anyone know of accommodation in Tuscany on a vineyard that would allow me to stay for 2 months?
Ideally somewhere that has:
Good internet connection so I can work
Access to a kitchen (so I can cook for myself)
Around 1000 euros for a month if possible
And ideally vineyard views!

Also because I'd be on my own, it's important to me that the hosts are friendly and wouldn't mind if I joined them for dinner etc, so I don't get too lonely!

I'm aware this is quite a weird request but please let me know if you guys could help me at all!

I'm willing to help out around the house and of course willing to pay the full amount for my stay.

Thanks :)


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I think, first of all, you need to check what the requirements are with Brexit, whether you need a special visa to stay in Italy for those 2 months or if you're allowed to enter without the need for it. I am not informed as to the changes that have happened towards UK nationals.

Second, once you're sure you can come without problems, then most wineries that rent lodgings in the countryside with vineyards all around get full during the mid and high season months -- and the rates per week are not as high as you want to pay per month but almost there.... So maybe you need to consider you might find more success in finding a rental if you come in the low season and that's basically from November through March.

Lastly, since you would be willing to have company in the evenings or would not shy away from that, if an actual family hosted you, what about looking at renting a room and not a whole place? Places that rent out like B&Bs likely have the rooms and the kitchen access if you request it ahead of time.

In any case, the one that comes to mind is Candida Bing's B&B - she has a wonderful garden, rooms as well as a small apartment with kitchen access and there are vineyards around her property even if she doesn't make wine herself. She's just a little outside San Casciano and bus service runs on the road just a few hundred feet from the house. Take a look: https://www.tuscanyaccommodation.com/candida-bing-chianti-house.html
It's very likely that she does have a room to rent out longer term in the low season but you might have to wait a few more months in order for your dream to come true.

Let me know if this looks like something that could work, I'll try to think if there are any others that would match your needs. Let me know if you have already confirmation that no visa is needed to come now with Brexit rules in place. I hope we can help you make your dream a reality! :D