Looking for 2 BR apartment in Florence - 28/4-3/7/20

David Green

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Hey guys, My name is David Greenwald, 26 years old student from Tel Aviv, Israel. I'm coming to a student exchange program by April 28-July 3rd in Firenze (about two and a half months). I'm looking for a two-bedrooms, three rooms apartment, as I have a partner and we want to live together. The locations is very important for us - we want to stay in the old city of Firenze, in the city center, as close as possible to Santa Croce. My partner is a girl and it is important for her that we will have two bathrooms, one for each of us, if possible. Maybe you can give me a hand with it? Our budget is about 1,600 EURO/month.
If there is anything relevant, feel free to contact me here or on WhatsApp:


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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I suggest you take a look on the Pitcher & Flaccomio website: https://www.pitcherflaccomio.com/rentals/florence-centre/mid-term/2-bedrooms/ and if you don't see something you like, contact them directly because they might have others not present on the website.
The focus on longer term (but still a few months) rentals that are perfect for students and professionals, giving excellent support services while you're here. Make sure to tell them I sent you their way ;-)