Looking for a bakery in Lucca to make a cake for my wedding


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I'm getting married in Camigliano outside of Lucca in October.
I need to find a bakery that can make me a beautiful delicious cake for my wedding.
Could anyone recommend anywhere?


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bakeries in Lucca - are you coming to do tastings before hand?

Ciao Gemma,

Not living in Lucca ourselves, it is hard to recommend a bakery from direct personal experience as regards delicious cakes - the sweets we had on a recent trip are not enough to judge special occasion cakes!

We looked for bakeries in Lucca that do offer special occasion cakes as a service - all of the ones listed below have on their websites (all are in Italian, no English :( ) info that says they make cakes and cater for special events, so contact them for more information! Are you coming before hand to do tastings??

Il Cristallo - http://www.pasticceriacristallolucca.it/gallery

Il Segreto di Andrea - http://www.ilsegretodiandrea.it/servizi/forniture_e_partnership_conferenze_eventi_cerimonie.html

Pinelli - http://www.pasticceriapinelli.it/i-nostri-dolci

Another option might be to go with a local wedding planner as far as the cake goes and ask for help for just that?? I found this one that is based in Lucca and likely can help in this regard but I really don't know whether they'll help with one service only: http://www.monicaswedding.it/servizi/allestimento.htm (site also only in Italian).

Living in Florence, we know that these two in particular offer traditional wedding cakes but we're not sure whether they would be able to deliver to Lucca - they might, so you could still consider asking since you never know! :)

These are Facebook pages: Fraise Lab - https://www.facebook.com/fraise.lab
and Sugar and Spice Bakery - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sugar-Spice-Bakery/276518962372578
Here is their wedding cake gallery: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.276530672371407.75449.276518962372578&type=1

Best of luck and congrats on the upcoming wedding! :)


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Re: bakeries in Lucca - are you coming to do tastings before hand?

Hi Lourdes,

That's excellent help thank you.
I did find Il Cristallo too and sent them an email in some very basic Italian with some pictures of what i'm after, I hope they understand me.

What would you say a traditional Tuscan wedding cake is? What is it made out of?

Thanks again.


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traditional Tuscan wedding cake

When I got married 10 years ago just outside of Florence, the bakery that also catered our wedding didn't have any idea of how to make a tiered wedding cake I wanted, even with plain icing/frosting (am not even talking about the super pretty smooth ones popular these days that you see pics of on those FB pages I linked above).

I discovered that here for weddings, back then, was a "millefoglie" - basically a pastry cake! they made it really big but it wasn't what I considered cake.... oh well.... I've seen lots of fruit covered pastry cakes and slowly more recently more people making what are really cakes with frosting - here are some pics here of Italian wedding cakes: http://www.7spose.it/tag/torta-per-matrimonio-originale/ - our "millefoglie" is the middle one on the left hand column).


There are many bakeries, you can find it very easily. Last time, I was there on my friend's wedding and I found Amadeo Giusti bakery at there in few years ago, I think in 2007.