Looking for Accomodation for 12 nights in July


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I am looking for 2 bedroom accommodation, 1 double and 2 single beds, with swimming pool and outside private balcony/terrace for 12 nights in July 13th to 25th. Most places are only offering Saturday to Saturday rental. Can anyone out there help??


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Though most places offer a Sat/Sat rental, the owners recognize that they really don’t have the upper hand anymore so if you make the request and they have space they will take you up on the offer. I will leave a list of a few places to check out - but if you find one you like...ask anyway...you never know. And though them may stall a bit, if you found one you think is perfect...let them know how much you love their place and see if flattery won’t move some mountains :-D


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I would also suggest Fattoria il Lago and Belforte as well as Borgo Isora.

Definitely contact them, don't go just by what you see on their site -- they might still have availability for those dates and willing to be flexible to get bookings, but you won't know until you get in touch!

I suggest contacting all of them, so you have more choices ;-)