Looking for apartment for long term in Florence

Hello folks

I am from India & looking for an furnished apartment from Nov 2016 for a period of one year, prefer proximity to Novoli area in Florence as i will be employed with GE Oil & Gas that operates there and will be in florence on a Nulla Osta (work permit).

Don't mind sharing an apartment with like minded people.

Please let me know any details that i can pursue.



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Ciao Shreyus,

I would suggest you contact Pitcher & Flaccomio for help in finding something appropriate: http://www.pitcherflaccomio.com/. They specialize in offering longer term rentals (furnished) in Florence and have some great properties.

I know they already work with GE/Nuovo Pignone in assisting employees while they are here, and go beyond finding apartments but also assisting with anything that arises during the time you are here related to the rentals.

As far as finding a place to share with roommates -- I would start the search the other way around, asking help from GE/Nuovo Pignone. It is likely other employees arriving to work there might also be looking for similar set-ups.

I wouldn't generally recommend trying to find roommates through general channels, as you're more likely to get young college age students who might not make for the best type of roommates if you're not in the same category.


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You can look over Florence apartment rental here. I've also had once an experience of finding appropriate apartments for 1 year rent. So you can do mostly eberything online. Have no fear and try it.


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I used Homeway.com for a short term rental, but a lot of the rentals also say "long term renters welcome" ... give it a try.