Looking for smaller wineries and restaurants around Sienna


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Hello! First post! #ringbell

My wife and I are travelling to Tuscany over Christmas and into early January. We are both professional chefs and we live in Alexander Valley in Sonoma, the heart of wine country in CA. We're flying in to Florence Christmas day and will be in Florence until the 29th. We want to explore the city a little and spend my birthday (55 years!) there. After that, well...

I thought to take the train to Sienna and stay in the area from Cortona in the east to Montepulciano and explore the areas around Sienna for the rest of our trip. We know first hand how wine areas are and would love some recommendations for winery visits and local restaurants/bakeries/bars.

Will trade recipes for excellent leads!

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though your offer to exchange of a recipe for a good idea is tantalizing...I will offer a few ideas even if you don't send a recipe :p.

One of my favorite vineyards (I always take family & friends here) is located outside of Gaiole in Chianti - so it is a mid point between Arezzo & Siena and not only is the atmosphere enchanting but they are generous with their tastings. http://roccadicastagnoli.com/sito/frontend/2eng/wineshop_design.php

You should also stop in Arezzo, directly in front of the Cathedral (besides the fact that Arezzo is amazing) and you will find a place that promotes wine in this area - you can do a tasting there OR they will help you find places in the surrounding area that are open. Arezzo is often not considered for its wines - however it is actually very up and coming and it has several smaller vineyards that are eager to show off their products.

As far as restaurants go - I have two places (it has been a while since I have been to these places but there were faves !!)

Piazza Mazzini Giuseppe, 7, 52040 Civitella In Val di Chiana AR (IL VICOLO)
Località Vertighe, 634 Monte San Savino (Ristorante Hotel Da Domenico) - the reviews are mixed on this one - but I have always eaten very well...but I knew one of the owners ;.)

Buon Viaggio,

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