Looking for Winery/Vineyard in Florence


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Our Cruise Ship docks in Livornio on May7,2015. We are very interested in seeing a Winery or Vineyard. Tuscany region, Florence anywhere in the area. Please help me find one. Any suggestions???
Email: idearmas66@gmail.com

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Vineyards near Florence


here are two places which are less than 30 from the city center of Florence. However if you are going to be doing this privately you may want to consider getting a car and driver (you can do a search online for NCC Florence, and many names will come up). This way you can really enjoy the drinking and landscape if someone else is responsabile for getting you back to the train or boat on time. :)

The first place is barely outside of Florence - not very well known and most probably requires an appointment. But in my opinion well worth (if not for the wines ha!) for the views and to experience a Medicea villa. It is also possible to get very close with public transport http://www.medicivilla.com/

Easy to get to with a bus and close to the city center of Florence, but the buses are not all that frequent in both directions, http://www.ruffino.com/VisitRuffino/index.htm

Buon Viaggio.

You might want to also look into an organized tour: