Looking for WWII tour guide in Florence


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Ciao, I will be in Florence in a couple weeks and am looking for a Secondo Guerra Mondiale (WWII) tour guide. My Grandfather served w the US Army, 10th Mountain Division and he had 2 weeks of R&R in Florence.
Was hoping to find a guide who may be able to point out various WWII locations & possible significance for the 10th. I'm aware that they soldiers may have stayed near SMN Train Station; so looking for things typical of their time.



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this is rather a particular request. I have yet to see an advertised guided tour that specifically deals with WWII - however, many guides upon request will prepare for the them and put together a specialized tour focusing on the theme that you request.

Personally, I think you should look for a guide that is Italian and speaks English - and an older guide who might have lived or heard stories (one on one).

You could start by contacting Elena, I have actually travelled with here on a specialized theme tour ( https://www.visitflorence.com/florence-tours/elena-florence-with-flair.html ) and I found her English to be quite comprehensive and her knowledge on the subject very studied.

You can also browse the theme tours on our partner site, they are frequently changing and offering new types of tours - one may be suited to you.

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