Lourdes favorite restaurants near Piazza Santo Spirito


Hi Lourdes. I am enjoying your local knowledge. It has been very helpful to me, in planning our trip. How to get around, how to get tickets, and more.

I have a question about YOUR favorite Restaurants near Piazza Santo Spirito.

We will be staying in a Hotel in the Piazza (Palazzo Guadagni). I am looking for anything around the Piazza Santo Spirito, but also extending as far as the Arno River (to the North) and to the Pitti Palace (on the East), and over to Capella Brancacci (on the West). I realize that is a large area. I am not looking for a list of every restaurant within that area, just a couple of your favorites.

I have a few on my list already (Gustapizza, Osteria Santo Spirito, Gustapannini, Trattoria Giovanni, S. Forno, Le Volpi e L'Uva).

If you do not have favorable opinions of any of the restaurants on my short list, please say so, and if possible why you do not like the restaurant.

We are mainly looking for tasty/good, local Italian food. If possible, affordable (we have a budget). But if a restaurant is higher in cost, but is truly worth the extra, we are always open to an extra special restaurant.

If you have not already seen this video, it is wonderful. It alone helped inspire us to want to go to Florence, and has helped us in our planning (things to see, where to eat, etc.) Enjoy, if you have not already seen it

Thank you for your help.