Lucca, city of 100 churches

I have a few questions regarding Lucca: 1. Are all of the 100 churches opened to the public including tourists? 2. May I enter a church without appointment and ask for permission to tour the interiors of the churches? 3. Does anyone have a list of churches which contain crypt/tomb inside? Thanks!


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100 churches


I can not attest to the 100 churches - though you would be amazed once you start counting all of the chapels and churches how many there really are!

A rule of thumb with the churches, they are normally open to the public - afterall they are houses of God - but many times they will close at lunch time. Many have free entrance, and you are invited to enter however, remember that these are still used by the public for religious services so be respectful.

As for crypts, these will normally be found in the larger and more prestigious churches (sorry I don't have a list). But remember to look up as well to see some beauty. I remember the ceiling of the Duomo in Lucca was amazing!

Read here for a few more pointers:

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I am not sure about crypts but most churches used to inter people in the ground, before cemeteries existed. So you'll also likely find plaques and carved tombstones on the ground as you walk around many churches.